Blogpril April 18th – Lost Momentum

It’s very easy to get into the routine of writing a little bit on one topic every day, but as it turns out, a few days away from that routine and I’ve completely lost the habit. I read through a couple of news sites on my way to work and had a few ideas, and couldn’t get started. There’s a lot of really interesting things happening on social media that I need to write about, including the Guardian’s The Web We Want, which I really hope could help bring about positive change, and on the other side I’ve had a few thoughts about how we define privacy in the online world, thanks to the debacle of Social Autopsy. In tech news, I’ve been reading up a little on WeMo and smart homes. 
Anyway, I’m off to sleep on all this, having just planned out the next few days of blogs (after that I’ll be getting into those commentaries about Lets Plays in academia that were promised last week.) I’ll just leave you with one more piece of research from today’s commute – did you know that automatic tea machines are a real thing? I’m a little bit horrified.


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