Blogpril April 16th – App Review: Sleep Cycle

This is the second blog so far posted well in advance, since I’ll be away this weekend. Writing ahead has taken me out of my usual routine of coming up with an idea/piece of inspiration and immediately splurging about it, so I’ve decided to take some suggestions from my sister and write about apps.

It didn’t take me long to realise that the one app that I use daily is Sleep Cycle. Mainly as an alarm, but also because it forces me to confront when I’m going to bed too late, not getting in enough hours or engaging in bad habits right before sleeping (eg. Using my tablet or phone, drinking caffeine etc.) 

I’m also a sucker for statistics, so seeing my own graph and getting to compare sleep rates etc. with national and international averages (dear Japan, you guys really, really need to sleep more.) is pretty cool. 

Advantages: dark blue background doesn’t hurt your eyes, if you, like me, frequently wake up suddenly and then have to check your phone to see what time it is. Nice range of alarm tones. Motion- detector snooze button (essentially you hit your phone and it shuts up.)

Disadvantages: Motion-detector snooze button, leaving you lying in guilty silence for 60 seconds until it starts up again. 


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