Blogpril April 15th – I’m not here…

This is the first of three blogs that I’m writing well in advance to cover being away traveling/sailing/going out with friends over the weekend 15th-17th April. I’m a volunteer with The Roma Sailing project, and usually trips out with them mean being somewhat removed from technology aside from the necessary stuff (gps, radar) however in recent years, there’s been more reliance on phone apps etc. for tide and weather predictions etc., so hopefully thee will be something there that inspires me to blog. 
A part of me almost finds it a shame that I have ended up using technology more while sailing, and I’ve realised that a portion of this is down to wanting a reason to get away from it for a short period. But while at sea it would be nonsensical to avoid using any advantage to keep people and boats safe, I know that (although it’s also important to practice sailing without the tech, just in case. 
Due to my job, I don’t think it’s possible to avoid computer/tech contact at all. But while I’ve sometimes laughed at the idea of ‘tech detoxes’ in the past, maybe it would be a good thing to do. Not something to blog about though – that would sort of defeat the point of it!


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