Blogpril April 13th – About YouNow Part Two

So, (having having to end up sleeping on this point after discussing YouNow yesterday) do I think YouNow is any good, based on initial usage?

Well, yes and no. In some ways, it doesn’t seem hugely improved on YouTube’s initial livestreaming service, albeit with a nice rebrand. The chat still seems very laggy/delayed, and it’s obvious that the streamer sees comments well before the audience (this might be a feature now I come to think about it, though if so I hope it is optional.) 

However, it’s the perceived value that important, because this is a fantastic platform for vloggers. Responding to comments on the fly, answering questions and having close viewer interaction, all within the same channels as YouTube – I am notified when channels go live, and can either watch via YouTube, or via the YouNow app/browser if I want to use chat. For vloggers, the chat issue I mentioned above is likely less of a problem as people are messaging them, not necessarily speaking to each other. It does mean that less of a community builds up around a channel though – that would still need to be managed by other means. 


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