Blogpril 12th – About YouNow

I didn’t intend this to be a part one of two, but I’ve found myself really tired this evening and unable to finish this post in a satisfactory way. So in this part, I’ll talk about why YouNow is a big deal, and tomorrow, I’ll talk about whether I personally feel it is/will be successful.

YouNow, a livestreaming service connected to and owned by YouTube, has been around for quite a while, but it’s only recently that I’ve started to watch anything on it.

YouTube have been trying to muscle in on the livestreaming market for some time, their most notable (but still unsuccessful) previous attempt being an attempt at competing with Twitch.TV in livestreaming gaming content. It didn’t work out. Users complained at low quality, lagging connections, difficulties in sending/reading chat messages, and poor moderation tools compared to the well established Twitch.

However, one look at Twitch shows how content creators are having to twist the platform’s rules to create a space where they can interact with their fans without needing to provide game content, and while Twitch are content to bend their original terms of service a very long way, for YouTube channels who aren’t gaming related content (quite a lot, despite what Youtube’s front page would have you believe) there needed to be an alternative. Of course, there are plenty of livestreaming services around, but none have the sheer resources of YouTube, and behind it Google, to make major changes to the way online video content is produced and consumed.


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