Blogpril April 8th Google Maps – Past and Future

Google Maps. Google Steetview. They’re become something that we take for granted, so looking back, it’s strange to consider what a ridiculous undertaking it must have seemed to investors- photographing every metre of road across the entire world, and keeping it constantly updated, through the actually fairly basic method of mounting a couple of cameras on a fleet of cars and just, well, driving them everywhere. Then someone has to map that onto a satellite image that covers the entire world in minute detail. 

With Google at the forefront of so many technologies, it will be interesting to see both how they progress in mapping, and what other functions can come out of Maps. It’s already possible, for example, to see past versions of some places, mostly using historical imagery. Given the number of times that Google has updated Steetview in some places since it started, it would be really interesting in the future to be able to see every version of a place as it develops (perhaps even as a timelapse?) Combined with advances in virtual reality technology, it could be amazing to see.


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