Blogpril April 6th- Twitter and Comedy

I’ve never been particularly interested in comedy, whether as stand-up, or as a film/TV genre – I enjoy some comedy in theatre and for a long time that was about it. I’ve always understood and appreciated the power of jokes and satire to challenge and change ways of thinking as well as to entertain, but I never really paid much attention to it, until I started using Twitter regularly. 

The power of Twitter is in it’s immediacy, which means that for comedians, responding to current events and trends with a well crafted one liner (forced to be snappy and to the point by the 150 character limit) is a great way to get themselves out there. Also, in a fast paced media world, a joke or comment can gain traction right when it’s at its most relevant. For me, it’s clearly a much better way to absorb and enjoy comedy, in short bursts scattered through my newsfeed, that I can relate to from the context of whatever might be reading on Twitter at that point in time.


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