Blogpril April 2nd – Crazy Flying Bum JRPG Airships

So I started out writing about how April Fools has exploded as a brand marketing tool in the age of social media, but after about three lines I realised just what a massive post that could actually turn out to be and there are very many possible angles to cover there, so while I’m getting that straight I wanted to cover something totally different, that’s not exactly social media/digital related. I’d quite like to brand out from the niche that I’ve created for my blog, especially since I rebranded last year deliberately to write about all of the things that interest me.

Therefore, today I will be writing a little bit about a piece of crazy technology that I’m interested in.

Over the past few years, I’ve become really interested the massive carbon footprint of our daily lives – from transport to food to manufacturing, and the types of technology that people have been looking into as an alternative. (If the technology seems like it should be in an offbeat Sci-fi novel or an early 2000s JRPG, so much the better.)

Therefore, I am totally buying into the airship Airlander 10. A helium-filled hybrid airship which can stay aloft for days at a time is a potential massive deal for transporting goods internationally as the world attempts to move to the lower dependence on fossil fuel. Of course, we’re not there with carbon neutral vehicles yet, although with the advances in solar powered road vehicles and planes, we could definitely see them in our lifetime.

I’m not particularly conversant with aerospace engineering, so it’s hard for me to easily debate the pros and cons of this technology in depth. But in many ways, it seems like the only barrier to the success of the Airlander is resistance to change – there are as many people mocking the ‘flying bum’, as twitter seems to have nicknamed it, as praising it.

Of course, there is a social media angle here, since part of the project was funded via Crowdcube, and met it’s target of £500,000 in under a day and since it seems likely that other investment money was dependent on raising a certain amount themselves (and crowdfunding/investor funding is an interesting potential topic for later this month itself) it is likely that the 21st century airship will be doing more test flights very soon.


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