Blogpril Number One – Getting Started

So after letting this blog go a little after Blaugust, I decided that along with a new job and several other resolutions (mainly exercise related) I’m going to attempt another full month of posts every day. Unlike last summer, when I frequently had to stay up late trying to pound out 100-odd words each night, I am going to try and write ahead as much as I can, and get some proper planning done for each day. 
I also have a few sets of notes from digital training sessions that I’ve decided to put up here as well, though hopefully those will be secondary blogs and not just filler (okay, who am I kidding? I’ll probably use them as filler. But if I do I will at least preface them, so I won’t have to live with the shame of not having written anything original that day.)

It’s late on April 1, which is hardly a great start to this endeavour, but I managed last time and I know I have no excuse for not getting out thirty posts (one less than August in fact!) across April. So, let’s get started…


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