Blaugust Day 31 – End of the Challenge

Soooo….. <slowly building drumroll> here it comes <timpani joins in> The final post of Blaugust! <cymbals clash, trumpet fanfare etc.> 

One post every single day has been a bit of a chore at times, at least to start, although each time I got started with a post, I always found myself enjoying it. 

I think the most important thing I’ve learned is  that I don’t need to write a lot in order to make a point, and a long post is not necessarily better than a shorter one. I do like to write longer posts when I have the time, but I do also tend to waffle sometimes. Having to write every day regardless of whether I have time has forced me to learn how and when to be brief.

I’ve also discovered that the best posts can come from very little. Sometimes I would sit down having no idea what to write, come up with the thread of an idea and end up with something I was really proud of.
So am I going to continue to blog everyday? Well, no, especially as I might not have regular internet for re next fortnight. But I am going to attempt to keep up regular blogs, and I would like to do a blogging challenge again at some point (Blogtober has been mooted? Maybe?)

Funnily enough, I find myself not sure how to end this one, except to say a big thank you to my current favourite blogger Alternative Chat, whose tweets about Blaugust, and whose own daily dedication to posting persuaded me to take up this challenge. I’m very glad that I did.


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