Blaugust Day 28 – The Final Push

So, we’re only four days and four blog posts from the end of Blaugust, and I’ve suddenly realised that this is a huge problem because I am flying to France tomorrow and I have no guarantee of internet when I get there. So it’s hit me that I need to produce not one, but four posts today and hope that WordPress scheduling doesn’t let me down. 
I’m writing this to the train on the way to work, and that actually feels rather strange to me, since I’ve become used to writing out one quick post, all in one go, right before I go to bed. Certainly I have written some earlier over the course of this challenge, but they were mostly longer, involved posts that I researched and took my time over. 

Perhaps environment plays a part too – there’s a great deal of difference between writing in the relative quiet and comfort of my room, and writing on a crowded, overly warm, loud commuter train.

Anyway, three more posts to get going on – a warning, the next two get a little strange. Apparently public transport affects my writing as much as my ability to write!


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