Blaugust Day 25 – Planned and Unplanned Writing

When I began Blaugust, I decided that it would be much better if I planned what I wrote in advance. I had a list of possible topics, and and sets of drafts.

Honestly? I hardly used any of them. Each time I sat down to write, I found myself both dismissing the topics I had in mind, and often finding something topical in the news, or new and interesting to me, that I would far rather write about.

So I started doing blog posts on the spur of the morning, writing whatever topic came to mind as I sat down to sat. For a while this worked, but suddenly I find myself sitting down and having nothing to write.

So, clearly a balance needs to be found, between keeping my posts spontaneous, or not getting writers block through lack of planning.

I’ve written a lot of posts about writing recently – I think I need some new blog categories! I’ve already made a few overdue changes to this blog, but a few more are definitely needed – or else at least 50% of everything I write will end up in ‘other’,


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