Blaugust Day 24 – Technological Confusion

Today – A meandering blog post that didn’t really go anywhere or have a point. I apologise.

Technology has moved on at ridiculous speeds over the last few years, and it seems like it’s getting faster all the time. I hear a lot of people bemoaning how hard it is to keep up with new tech, to get their head around new ways of thinking and doing. This is something I’ve never had a problem with – yet! I’ve always felt pretty comfortable embracing different little bits of machinery into my life.

What I never anticipated though, was how quickly I would forget stuff as soon as something new came along.

Here’s an example, at my current job, I have a work phone I use for contacting teams of casual staff who do promotional work for us. It’s a Nokia, but it’s basically like a Blackberry, little and square-ish with a horizontal screen and a querty keypad.

When I was first given it, I had absolutely no idea how to unlock the keypad, and this worried me. I used phones far older than this in my teens, how did I not remember this? (centre top button – left bottom button incidentally) I had a standard nine-buttoned fat rectangle of a Nokia until I was twenty-one, but somehow as soon as I got a touch screen, my brain just ejected any info on older phones. I occasionally found myself picking up the phone and tapping the screen without thinking. I also discovered that I’ve developed a totally different way of texting on iphones, where I approximate where the right letters are, and somehow predictive text has adapted to knowing what I meant to say. It’s funny how quickly the habits form. Working without predictive text actually felt right relearning an old skill.

There are certainly older computer skills that I’ve lost – when I was a little kid I had a PC with Windows 3.1, but if you asked me to navigate to the C drive in DOS now – well, I’d have to have a few goes at it, at least, even though it would have been so under my fingers back then I wouldn’t even have had to think about it, the same way I barely have to think about typing in my computer password.


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