Blaugust Day 22 – Vine is about Audience, not Users

When Vine began, it was definitely something of a gamechanger. Short, looking films that were small enough to upload even on a low data connection, and could be embedded into social media. Vine was also built with social interaction in mind, as one of it’s senior engineers explained:

“Vine was built for one purpose: to make it easy for people to capture life in motion and share it with the world”

I was fascinated with Vine and it’s posibilities in connecting people, but soon found I personally had relatively little use for it. Vine quickly became popular with video creators, who went to great lengths to build content that overcame the six second run length and mobile screen. Much of it was very imaginative and quickly made recognisable stars out of a lot of people. Vine quickly capitalised on that, changing the app to allow pre-recorded content that meant high-quality edited footage could be used, and on the viewer side developing ‘suggested users’ and curated feeds similar to the way YouTube works.

So where did that leave the idea of video as social content, as messages? Well, that isn’t gone, but Vine have clearly realised that’s not where the money is made. This article, which inspired this post, explains this very well – The biggest views come from professionals with big company backing, and from deals with major sporting events etc pushing relevant video and associated hashtags. This change is reflected in their overall user make up – a high proportion of vine accounts have no content on. They were made to watch, not share.

In other things:

Yesterday I posted a blog that was a ‘Part One’ with a promised follow up post. That post will be happening tomorrow – there, it’s online, I’ve written it so I have to research it and do it. Today’s post, like most of my posts over the last feels days, was done to ensure I got something done and didn’t fail the Blaugust Challenge, especially this close to the end (just over a week to go!) but tomorrow I will be making time to properly plan posts as I started this month doing.


One thought on “Blaugust Day 22 – Vine is about Audience, not Users

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