Blaugust Day 14 – Almost Nearly Halfway There

So, this is my fourteenth post of Blaugust (thirteenth if you count the fact that the first one was done before I became aware of this challenge.) I’ve never ever blogged with this kind of intensity before – even back when I started it was no more than two or three times a week. 

I’m not quite half way through yet, that will technically be tomorrow but as tomorrow isn’t a work day I’ll have time to write something more interesting and planned, and oh wow, I’m actually nearly halfway though already. 

Realising that I’m almost over the first stretch is quite encouraging, because it turns out blogging every day has not been so hard. No, not every post has been a beautifully composed and thought provoking work of art, but that isn’t the point of it. The point is getting words down on the electronic page, and the more I’ve done that, the easier it gets. Given that parts of my job also require me to come up with copy, Facebook posts, tweets etc. preferably without agonising over the wording for hours, it’s definitely a useful exercise in improving my skills.

I’ve also changed a few blog things. The title had to go, because the old one felt gratingly pretentious and had done for a while. I’m not sure the new one is any better but at least it’s accurate. If I’m going to write in this fashion then it needs to be more clearly labelled as a personal blog. I also attempted to update the about pages, but apparently my slightly improved writing ability doesn’t yet extend to coming up with a better biography. So I’ll have to work on that some more. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue to put out a post a day. I’m actually excited just count up that sheer volume of words that I will have produced by the end of 31 days. Will they all be good words? Certainly not. However, it might be good to compare how writing style, process and even time spent on posting will have changed by the end of a month.


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