Blaugust Day 12 – I  really nearly forgot…

Well, this throws everything out – including all of the planned but not yet published posts I had scribbled notes on. Well, there’s still another 19 days of blogs to go, barring me messing up again like this. 

At least I’m getting the chance to test out the WordPress app for the first time in forever, since I’m writing this on my phone. It was actually not very good when I first began blogging, which surprised me given that (and I hope I’m remembering this statistic right because it’s very late, will change it tomorrow if I have to) something like a fifth of all internet sites are based on WordPress. 

When I did a course in WordPress bsck in February, the instructor told us that some of the WP devs work exclusively through their mobiles now – developing of course, but I’d be willing to bet some have blogs too – so I should have checked then how much the app had improved. The answer is: quite a bit. I’m going to trust it to actually publish my post this time, instead of saving it to drafts and hoping it doesn’t get messed up. The writing, linking and media tools are a lot more accessible and obvious than they used to be. 

However there are still a few hitches, such as one I had a moment ago were the text jumped to the top of the page and wouldn’t let me scroll. I’m happy to use it once in a while, but if I was blogging from my phone regularly I’d probably want to look into some of the third party blog editing and management apps.

Phew – a vaguely coherent post written  just in time. See you all tomorrow!


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