Blaugust Day 6 – In which I get kind of really emotional about Warcraft

I’ve spent today in a bit of a quandary – I knew right from the start that, today being the day the new World of Warcraft expansion was announced, I wanted to write something about it. I just didn’t know what. I considered various angles of the social media lead-in, the community itself, and couldn’t come up with any one topic that would fit into a single blogpost, because Warcraft is simply way too big to fit into a couple of hundred words. So I decided to wait, watch what came out of the announcements, and then make a decision.

Up until the point where I opened up wordpress to write this, I still had nothing to write, because this had happened and I felt completely, emotionally, blown away.

I sat watching these in complete silence, actually lost for words at what I was seeing, and totally entranced by them. It was a very weird feeling, and it’s a feeling that I’ve only ever had from the big narrative moments and plot twists in this game.

So this blog post isn’t about the communities I’ve encountered in World of Warcraft, wonderful and complex and utterly unique to the game though they are. It’s not about Blizzard Entertainment’s social media strategy leading up to this unveiling, clever though it was. It’s about the ability of a fictional, immersive fantasy world to move me, in a way that’s kind of separate to the game itself. One of the reasons that I’ve never written about WoW is that I’m a little embarrassed about the depths of my devotion to it’s storyline and overall universe, and it’s something I don’t tend to tell people about. Interestingly, it’s not through ingame communication but through other people’s blogs, podcasts, fanfiction etc. about WoW that I’ve learned I’m far from alone in these feelings about the game (shout out to Alternative Chat, whose daily blogging inspired me to take up Blaugust in the first place.)

So, my next act is going to be to leave off this post (sorry that there wasn’t a whole lot of actual content in it) and go and write some some fan theories, and maybe even a little fanfiction. That certainly won’t be appearing on this blog – though I do have a post about fanfiction and it’s place in online content coming up.

Fine, who I am kidding? I’m going to go watch that trailer a few more dozen times, and enjoy the feeling of being completely hyped.

And before I go – a big thank you to Blizzard, even though they will most likely not read this. They’ve made me very happy today.


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