Blaugust Day 5 – Tracking Twitter Trends

I’m writing in a less serious vein tonight, because it’s suddenly 9.00pm and I have not yet blogged yet. I did try and store some blogs up earlier in the week, but as usual when I do this, I came back to them and decided that they need a lot more work before they go up or I just don’t like them at all – I do much better if I find an idea and immediately run with it.

So, with that in mind I took off to Twitter to find some possible inspiration. My newsfeed has been mostly occupied with with Gamescom, but that is a blogpost for tomorrow because World of Warcraft (look, it’ll make more sense tomorrow.) However at some point in the last hour it appears that there has been a somewhat drastic shift of tone in the Twittersphere.

Did you know that Great British Bakeoff is on?

Apparently it’s quite popular.

Along with One Direction, who are never not trending on Twitter at this point

It’s been a long time since I’ve done much tracking of Twitter hashtags, it’s something I haven’t really done since University. In the process of writing this post, and actually trying to figure out what this main point of this entry was, I ended up finding a bunch of tracking tools that may or may not have even existed back then – I certainly don’t remember using them. So I’m going to list them here quickly, more for my own use than anything else since worryingly I suspect the rest of the world probably already knew about them.

  • Trends24 – Which gives an hour-by-hour list of the top trending hashtags in any country.
  • Trendsmap – Show a map of where in the world subjects are trending. This is something I may come back to in another post, as it’s really interesting to see which countries Twitter is most popular in.
  • What The Trend – A slightly weird one, which will explain the meaning and reasons of hashtags based on definitions given by it’s users – sort of Urban Dictionary style.
  • Topsy – One which  I now realise I do remember having used before, is a graph-based interpretation of hashtag popularity.

And with that, I’m off to actually watch Great British Bake Off. Twitter informs me that Beetroot is involved. I do not know whether to be concerned by this or not (though Twitter could probably tell me that too…)


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