Blaugust (And it’s actually day two)

So, right after I wrote a post yesterday about engagement on Twitter and Facebook, I checked Twitter and discovered that this month is ‘Blaugust’, which as well as a terrible name that sounds like a cartoon villain, is apparently a challenge to bloggers to write a post every day in August.

Since for a while I almost abandoned blogging, and I really want to get back into it, I have decided to take up ‘Blaugust’ and see where it leads me.

One of my biggest problems with blogging is trying to decide on a ‘worthy topic’, and the less I blogged the harder this became. I felt like when I did post, it needed to be a well thought out, brilliantly researched topic of earth-shattering consequence. Which was incredibly silly of me. I can write whatever I choose to write, and it’s not as if anyone has expectations of my posts.

So right now I’m putting together a list of topics to blog about which will hopefully stretch to a month, and challenge my writing abilities whilst being easy enough to do every day. Some days might be pretty good, some days I might not be able to manage very much. I think it will be a good learning process though. Let’s see how it goes!

I googled ‘cartoon villain’ and this was the first thing that came up (from He definitely looks like he could a ‘Blaugust’.


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