Dealing with Social Media Paralysis (short blog)

Just recently, I’ve realised how inactive I’ve become on social media. Fewer blogs than usual, few instagram posts, tweets only every few days, Facebook activity practically zilch (though that’s nothing new!) But this isn’t a result of me drifting away from social media, on the contrary, I use it more than ever. Twitter in particular has become my main source of news both national and international, tech articles and info, not to mention a fair amount of YouTube celebrity stalking. But it seems the more I lurk and read, the less I actually say. And unlike the nursery rhyme about the Wise Old Owl, that isn’t a good thing online. Social media is for communicating, as well as one way learning and discovering. If I’m not communicating, (not only am I spending shamefully little of my online time keeping in touch with friends) I’m only using one aspect of the platform.

It’s been an interesting realisation for me, and I’m not sure what the cause of it is. It’s certainly not down to lack of things to say, but perhaps I’m getting such an endless stream of information, it’s become difficult to know what to respond to. So, I’ve decided to do an experiment. If I actually spent less time on Twitter, and only read what is on my newsfeed plus a few trending hashtags, will I actually tweet more?


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