Vine versus Instagram – the ongoing debate

My dissertation tutor (I guess, former tutor, since I’m now graduated?) recently linked me to the results of a study comparing Vine and Instagram video, since Instagram videos featured heavily in my dissertation work. I’ve linked the study below, it’s a short but interesting read, covering the popularity of the apps amongst users, and their reasons for liking or disliking them.

Consumer Insights on the Instagram vs. Vine Debate


When I was writing my dissertation, the differences in popularity and usage between Vine and Instagram were not as clear as they are now, since both were much newer when I began wiriting nearly a year ago, and both platforms have updated and changed considerably in that time. I remember being frustrated when Vine launched Vine messaging only a few weeks after hand-in, I could have written a whole chapter on it!

Clearly, Vine is the more popular platform, according to this study, and it gives some useful figures regarding who prefers what, but doesn’t really delve deeply into why it might be better.

During my dissertation work, I discussed the idea of people sharing media online because it reflects a part of their life and builds up their online persona. In my work, I was discussing media people create themselves, but this applies equally to other people’s work. One feature of Vine which Instagram has no equivalent is the ‘Revine,’ much like WordPress or Tumblr’s ‘Reblog’ which allows people to post other people’s Vines to their own profile and share them. I wonder if it’s features like this that make Vine the more popular option?

Below – Twitter thoughts that led to this post.



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