Twitter as a Tool to ‘Work Things Through’

Oh dear, a new blog post idea that I didn’t even list on my update! Not to mention two posts in one day, what is this?


However, in my last post, I embedded a number of tweets about a potential post topic that I was struggling with. This isn’t the normal way that I use Twitter, I have always regarded it as a way to communicate to other people directly. When I need to talk about something in any kind of depth, it would go in this blog or other places. I feel that this has made me forget one important fact about twitter, it is also often referred to as a ‘microblog’.

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-characters text messages, called “tweets”. – Wikipedia article on Twitter

I’ve written before on how blogs are a way of organising your thoughts, not just a way to communicate them to others. Interestingly, I recently came across some tweets from prominent beauty/entertainment YouTube Albinwonderland, where she noted that twitter was her way of ‘working through thoughts and issues’ in a series of tweets, as she could update her thought progression in real time. She commented that she didn’t like to do that on her blog, as it was too easy for people to take parts out of context and repost them in a way that misrepresented her.

I’ve never really used Twitter in this way as I’m scared of spamming people, so I have never taken advantage of it as a way to ‘work through’ problems to a conclusion, with or without the interjections of others. But it is clearly a very important part of the service, and perhaps something I need to remember when using it.


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