Quick Update Post – Social Media Translators, Difficult Planning and Editing Fun

I haven’t posted here in a while for a variety of reasons, which means I have ended up with a big backlog of posts and I’m not even sure which to write about first! So I thought I would do a brief summary of what’s up in the Clare-related digital world, as well as setting out what blogs I will know have to make myself do (because I said that I would.)

  • Social Media Jargon Guide – I’ve already written about my work on social media strategy at Willow Wood Hospice. Their social media engagement has gone up so much and I’ve been able to try all sorts of exciting things like boosted Facebook posts (5,000 views on a Fundraising event post for £9.00? Don’t mind if I do!) but I’ve decided to put together a social media jargon guide for some of the other team members. It’ll be a word document and once it’s up I’ll post a link here so anyone else can use it if they need to.
  • Online Community Issues – I’ve decided to go back to the roots of this blog and start writing a little more about online socialising, fan communities etc. This actually proved pretty hard, there are a number of issues I’m interested in but actually putting together a well written post can be scary. I know that I’m not any kind of expert or source of knowledge, but I would never want to cover a topic and miss an important argument (see below)


Video Editing – Is something I’ve been doing a lot of recently, creating videos for Willow Wood Hospice. I have started making a post on the editing workflow techniques that I learned in University, and how I sometimes have to throw them out of the window if the video demands it!

I also have so many more ideas, one on online communities and peer support, one on advertising charity through social media, a few ideas on reviewing apps, which is an ideasI’ve talked about this before, but never known where to start. So hopefully this blog will be back up at full steam. I guess it’s good to take a break as looking back I was starting to struggle for ideas (and in my defence, I was also away with the Rona Trust, a youth sailing project I volunteer with), but leaving it too long makes it hard to get into the swing of things.


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