What I’ve been doing – Social Media Strategy for a Charity

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to start volunteering with a local charity, Willow Wood Hospice in Ashton, Greater Manchester, and working on their social media and digital output. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, so it’s an enjoyable challenge. This meant working with their PR and Fundraising team to make some slight changes to their pages, produce new content, and hopefully come up with a long term plan. I’ve only been there twice, but I wanted to make a quick blog reflecting on what’s happened so far.

The charity’s head of Fundraising and PR wanted to focus on three main platforms, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which made sense as they have a small PR team and need to focus on improving what they have rather than trying and perhaps failing to maintain too many channels of communication.

Willow Wood already has an established Facebook profile, so the first thing was to scan through the analytics (Facebook Insight) and try to figure out any correlations or patterns which might help improve their outreach. There was a noticeable trend of  statuses getting more attention (click-throughs/likes/comments) than posts, which I assume is caused by how Facebook prioritises statuses. More importantly, I noticed more engagement on posts just before midday and at mid to late afternoon, presumably because it will be at the top of people’s newsfeeds when they check Facebook in their lunchbreak or after work (useful to know in general.)

I was keen to have more engagement on both Facebook and Twitter – replying to followers and even like ‘liking’ posts. While the staff have limited time to spend working on this, they can pick and choose which ones to reply to – it’s the engagement level and making people feel appreciated. I also thought they might want to start utilising Twitter as a news tool and way to connect with similar organisations so I spent some time building private lists. If only I could remember to do that for my own account!

I was initially surprised that Willow Wood wanted to move into YouTube, but they do a lot of events so it does make quite a lot of sense. This led onto a side project as I felt that the YouTube page needed a ‘channel trailer’ that would autoplay for anyone opening the page. It needs to be a fairly high quality video, and more importantly it needs to say and show exactly what the Hospice does. I realised I’d missed producing video since leaving University, so, that’s a fun work in progress.

I will probably post another blog explaining a bit more about my ideas for improving the Hospice’s social media, and maybe one on making the video too after it’s up (no spoilers!)

Screenshot of in progress ‘Willow Wood Trailer’ video


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