A Few of my Favourite… Websites for Blog Inspirations

I’ve always tried, with varying degrees of success, to keep my posts on this blog fairly varied, based anything around internet that I can think of! That’s a pretty wide net of ideas, but even so  I do get writer’s block more frequently than I should. In those situations, I tend to look at other sites for inspiration – perhaps by writing about something they’ve covered, or just to find something that might spark off a topic. There are a few big article sites I use

  • Wired.com is a fairly obvious go-to for news on digital business and social media, since it’s one of the biggest websites/magazines, but honestly, only when there is big news. They cover a very wide range of science and tech topics which are always cool to read not not necessary blog inspiring!
  • Mashable is quite a bit better for general articles on social media, I wish they wrote much. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s a bit shallow.
  • Techcrunch runs a lot of articles on app and tech start ups and how they work, they’re quite business-news based which I’m trying to read more about and understand better. Much of my blog so far has been based on the elements of digital culture I’ve been involved in – fan cultures, amateur creative works, not to mention academic research, but I’d like to start writing more professional-related posts as well. They also can be followed on WordPress, though I had to stop as I could never see anyone else’s posts…


Creative Boom is mostly a site for design/architecture, but they also have a great section on dealing with working in a digital environment where I’ve found some great articles on social media, really thought-provoking stuff. Plus lots of pretty photos and art 🙂

I’ve also recently discovered Bonjour, Blogger, which is a site dedicated to helping people blog better, and creating UK-based blogger networks. I haven’t been following them for very long, not long enough to get lots of inspiration but I’ve definitely loved what I’ve read so far and had ideas from them.

If none of these work, then I tend to turn to twitter hashtags (I’ll probably do a post on my favourite hashtags soon) or use WordPress reader to find other blogging ideas on here to bounce off.


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