Quick Blog on blogging (metablogging?)

Just something to get me back into the swing of writing again, as I haven’t managed to blog here for a week or two (oops!)

A while ago, I read a great blog post which I wish I could find and link here, about the reason people blog. It basically said – blogging is a way of organising your own thoughts on a topic. It doesn’t have to be a polished piece of writing, nor does it needs to be lengthy or in depth. It’s not an article, even though blogs are online for others to read. Blog posts are for you.

This is a philosophy I’ve tried to keep in mind when writing blog posts, because often when I don’t write for a while, it’s not because I’m out of ideas, it’s because I don’t believe those ideas are good enough or worth doing. What’s worse is, the longer I sit on a topic trying to figure out the best way of communicating it, the less likely I am to ever finish a post on it. My draft folder and notebook are full of such posts! Blogging needs to be done in the moment, or else it doesn’t happen.

Back when I started this blog for my University work, our tutor gave us a set list of posts to write about which would cover the topics discussed in class. Sometimes I wish I still had that framework to keep me motivated! Usually when I’m out of ideas I have a number of sources of inspiration – my twitter feed, books (which I’ve written about) and websites. So there’s an inspiration right there – since I’ve done books, I should do a post on inspiring websites! Yay for inspiration thoughts!

That’s actually another good way of motivating myself to blog. If I say I’m going to write something, and I say it publicly – here, or on Twitter, then there’s a higher chance I’ll manage to do it (it doesn’t always work, however.) Overall, though, the best way to keep blogging to just to… keep blogging. Even in posts like this where I don’t have a whole lot of talk about, even when the posts are unpolished, or a little unfinished. Because blogging is for your thoughts, and those thoughts don’t need to be polished. They just need to be written down.



6 thoughts on “Quick Blog on blogging (metablogging?)

  1. Hello,

    I think this is right for some people though there are others who like to make a living on blogging (by selling adds) or selling a product and give away extra information about this product and related fields. This blogs are much more targeting an audience than a personal diary or artist or project blog.

    For artist or project blogs I think your observation is right and a blog is a way to boost the goal achievement and clarifies the thoughts. This again is true for every form of setting written goals or involving others in our plans.

    • True, those kind of blogs definitely need to be more perfect – those I tend to think of them as being more like actual magazine style articles I guess. Professional blogging is a really interesting phenomenon because obviously people are drawn to a blog through the personal tone of the writer, but I wonder whether bloggers who become professional/sponsored feel a pressure to become more ‘article-like’ and less spontaneous.

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