World Hello Day and #NextGenHello (short blog)

(Actually a short blog this time! I often start out writing by prefacing my blogs like this then have to delete it when I hit over 500 words. I’ve been very behind on blogging so I intend to try more regular but shorter blogs from now on.)

Back in November, I got invited by Helen Keegan to be part of a very exciting project, a crowd sourced film called #NextGenHello, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of World Hello Day on 21st November 2013. The idea behind World Hello Day is simple – say ‘hello’ to at least 10 people on the day. The idea is that it will promote peace and open up conversations in a small way, which could contribute to peaceful negotiations on a bigger world scale.

However, in this day and age we can take advantage of technology and social media to talk to people, and that’s exactly the idea behind #NextGenHello. People all over the world were asked to create a video of themselves saying ‘hello’ in some way then post it to Instagram with the tag #NextGenHello. From there we were able to edit the videos into one film montage, which was shown at Salford Media Festival in the UK and Auckland, New Zealand’s MINA Mobile Film Symposium. In the end, there were nearly 50 videos from Canada to Portugal to Australia and many more countries – a full list can be found here. People got really into the idea and made some really complex creative videos, also a lot of adorable kids were involved, well done to you all 🙂

I was in charge of the editing process – the final film is now on YouTube for everyone to see (a slightly extended version can also be found here.)

You can also see individual videos using Webstagram.

Actually, it turns out that we were far from the first people to take advantage of online video to do World Hello Day. This link shows a number of YouTube videos celebrating World Hello Day – obviously ours is one of them, and hopefully by this time next year there might be many more.


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