Sound Design Updates – Going for ‘Simple’

Recently I posted a blog describing the sound design I was creating for my Digital Compositing project. At this point the sound design is nearly finished, the only thing that is currently missing is the sound of children playing in the background (after repeatedly failing to get a good recording of this I will be downloading a track from as soon as I have retrieved my password – oops!) and some room tone for the scenes both outside and inside the studio, which I’ll be getting at MediaCityUK this afternoon.

In previous sound design projects the ethos has always been ‘more,’ more ideas, more layers, more samples, more believability. Yet I felt like the more I put into this project the less it worked. The simple music track which I’ve posted below is the driving part of the soundtrack and I felt as if I was starting to overwhelm that.

I cut down completely on the atmos tracks. One recording of birdsong and one of wind for the park and suburban shots. One track of traffic for the road. I also removed the ‘voices’ of the characters completely, despite trying different sources (everything from my own voice to my cat to a creaking door) and different techniques, they sounded more like they were being strangled than having cute conversations! The animation shows them ‘miming’ reactions to each other and there are changes of expression, which I think will have to be enough.

In this project, using just one appropriate, well recorded sound in the right place worked far better than eight or ten layered tracks that were less convincing.


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