Sound Design and Music (Starting Out)

A few weeks ago I made a blog post explaining the start of my Cbeebies advert project for University, which is currently quite close to being finished, so I have begun working on the sound design of the video.


The first part of the soundtrack that I made was actually the music. I decided to record a basic track using just acoustic guitar and tabla, because I could quickly record these. I started out with a five chord sequence which continues throughout.

 photo musicchords_zps6f49ad81.png

After a few repetitions of the guitar sequence, the tabla comes in, in a fairly improvised manner. The tabla really takes over as the main instrument at this point as it’s pretty varied in tone.

 photo tabla_zps6c2906b5.png

Both the guitar and the tabla were recorded using one of my trusty (and basically all purpose) Behringer C-1 microphones.


There is no dialogue in the film, instead I decided to give the animated characters squeaky noises to show that they are communicating with each other. The squeaks are actually me making stupid sounds into a microphone (again, using the C-1 with a pop screen) and I’m currently playing around with various processes to make it sound less obviously like a human voice.

Each of the scenes needs atmos(or ambiance). The video contains a montage of the characters travelling down various streets, so I went down to the nearest main road and used a H2N Zoom to record the sounds of traffic. I also went to the nearby park to try and record general ‘park sounds’ (people talking, running around, playing etc.) but between the wind (which is a big problem for any microphone or recorder, but is always really bad on a small recorder like the Zoom) the gardener with the leaf blower, and the suspicious looks from park wardens I didn’t get any decent recording at all. I did go back to my garden and record bird song, which will be a good bit of atmos.

There are a few spot effects needed, such as a bouncing ball. I recorded the sound of the ball bouncing on different services, both hard and soft, since the real sound of a ball bouncing on grass isn’t that impressive sounding!

This is a long way from being finished but I should be done with both this and the video itself in the next few weeks. I’ll be making a blog explaining the animation in the video, then eventually I’ll be posting both the video itself (once it’s been graded) and a making – of video (much like I did with the sound design project last year.)


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