A Quick Final Reflection on the Mscret Spreadable Media Project

Over the last few months, I have been doing a project for my Masters Degree Module Research in Emerging Technologies: Social Technologies. In order to study how Media Objects spread across online social platforms, I created two media objects, specifically a recording of a instrumental pop cover which I uploaded to Soundcloud, a video based on that same recording which I uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, and a blog based around photos of my rather ridiculous – looking Lionhead rabbit, under the name My Hipster Bunny.

This project is going to be submitted in less than two hours, but I realised that the project has continued to provide data even up to this point, which I need to mention.

The Soundcloud recording, despite earlier success in gaining views, has dropped to almost nothing, which is what happens to most media objects on the internet. Writers such as Stephen Downes have noted that in order for an object to gain importance or popularity, whether online or offline, ‘Mere transference is not sufficient.’* The idea has to stay with people.

The views on the video have dropped since I stopped promoting it on Reddit, but I continue to gain 2-3 views a day, mostly through the YouTube suggested videos and search functions, which is great as it implies that the video had gained some momentum without my needing to promote it.

Viewing statistics for ‘Wherever You Will Go’ on YouTube

This graph shows the views by day.

This graph shows where the traffic is coming from – Much of it from within YouTube. The majority of external website views were from Reddit, although some were from a small forum where I had showed the video to some friends.

Another great feature in YouTube analytics is audience retention. YouTube counts every click on a video as a view, regardless of whether the clicker stays to watch the video. Since this video was linked to the original song’s music video, it is possible that people are clicking on my video, then realising that it isn’t interesting.

This graph shows that while many people are clicking away after a few seconds, there is a decent amount of audience retention. The average retention level increased substantially on the same day that the views spiked (my ‘reddit day’) and have since dropped to stay around the 30 second mark.)

One thing that was hard to discover on Soundcloud and YouTube was anything more than general information on the people who were looking at my work, which would make it easier to discover what they liked about it. This was where sharing photos through Tumblr was great. Although I feel that it would be unethical to link any of the blogs that reblogged my photos, liked them or followed My Hipster Bunny, I discovered that they were popular among teenaged girls.

*Downes, S. “The Essence of the Meme” in First Monday (Vol. 4, No. 10, October 1999) (Accessed 15th January 2013)


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