Continuing Spreadable Media…

The video I created for the ReTechSocial Spreadable Media Project has now been online for over two weeks, and over that time I’ve been checking the Google Analytics on YouTube. They present a fairly interesting picture of where the video is spreading and who is watching it.

Of course, when compared to other videos produced for Retechsocial, it might not be doing so well, but I can see in the analytics, especially the hits from within YouTube itself, that it is slowly gaining momentum. This graph shows the views per day since the video was released.

This graph shows three major peaks, each one correlating to when I posted the video on a major social networking site.

It’s nice to see that the highest proportion of those views came from Reddit, a site which is far more anonymous than the other two. On Twitter, I am in some way acquainted with many of my followers and of course on Facebook I know all of the people who would have seen the video. I expected that Facebook would be my highest audience, after all many of the people I know on Facebook are musicians, and friends. However Reddit is a far larger audience, and people presumably came to the subreddit r/ICoveredASong with the intention of listening to other people’s music, rather than just idly browsing.

However, the video has not dropped to nothing in the days since, instead gaining one or two views per day, slowly increasing it’s view count and relevance on the YouTube rankings. I’ve also been watching the traffic sources and working out how people are finding the video.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I also posted my video to the website Vimeo. I will admit now, I didn’t know much about Vimeo, so I didn’t pay much attention to the site at first. A few days later, I realised that my video still had no views, despite being posted to some relevant groups. Of course, Vimeo has much less traffic than YouTube, but comparisons between the two sites have often been fairly balanced. However a quick scan of the videos on Vimeo show that many of them are professional standard – these are show reels and showcases for people and companies. It is entirely possible that my video, made in my living room with an iPhone, isn’t high quality enough to interest the community on Vimeo. YouTube is a more appropriate place for it.


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