Video for ‘Wherever You Will Go’ Cover

As a followup to this post, and the recording I made, I decided to try my hand at creating a video for my recording of ‘Wherever You Will Go – Cello Cover.’

Trying to film myself playing in time to an iPad playing the tune was pretty hard, and in retrospect there are a few awkward jump cuts in the video editing process, but overall it was an enjoyable process.


I should have mentioned that I have also uploaded the video to Vimeo. As the song is now on three platforms it will be interesting to compare them.


One thought on “Video for ‘Wherever You Will Go’ Cover

  1. Hi Claire. I was wondering if you have any tips for recording cello? I have tried on a couple of occasions but unfortunately the results have never been as good as I would have liked.

    Confusion comes with microphone placement and also whether a multi-microphone technique would work better in terms of recording a natural, more well rounded tone. Of course multi-microphone techniques are very useful when your aim is to capture the reverberation of the recording room, but live rooms with dry acoustics, such as those at UoS, is there much benefit to be had?

    What microphone did you use to record your cello? I have found large diaphragm condenser microphones such as the AKG 414 to produce smooth and detailed results. The following video provides an interesting comparison between the 414, Neumann u87 and other mics for recording cello:

    Sound-on-Sound as always provides some great tips for recording strings:

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