Stats, and the Places where Media Spreads

Yes, stats. While it’s probably not good for me, I do love it when I know other people are looking at and/or liking my work.

Stats for my cover of ‘Wherever You Will Go’ on SoundCloud

But on a more serious note, these are how we will be tracking the spread of media for our Social Technologies project. As I stated in my last post, I’ve already created a media object – this recording, which is currently sitting on SoundCloud. And while it’s not doing nothing there, having garnered 15 views and one favourite in the past five days, and doubtless a few views on the other places I have posted it, such as Twitter, Facebook and even this blog, that isn’t really ‘spreading’. I’m the only one doing the spreading but as of yet it hasn’t gone beyond me. So I need to look at where else it can go and what else it can do.

Obviously the next step is into a different format. One of the problems with SoundCloud, especially when embedded on different sites, doesn’t work on all browsers, which makes things harder. According to this article by Henry Jenkins:

To some degree, it seemed the strength of a viral message depends on “how easy is it to pass”*

Since so many people now listen to music on YouTube, clearly that is the place to go. But simply as a piece of music? Perhaps with pictures? Or with a video? The more I add to it, the more it will change the original piece of media.

However, YouTube isn’t the only place to go. I’m also looking into Vimeo, which has a smaller audience but tries to create more of a community, so there might be more comments etc. on a video placed there, and the slowly-being revamped MySpace, which promises better facilities for music.

*Jenkins, H., “If It Doesn’t Spread, It’s Dead (Part One): Media Viruses and Memes” on Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins (Accessed 20th November 2012)


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