The Recording Project -Done!

Earlier this week I mentioned in a post about a mysterious recording project that I was editing, and now I’m happy to say that it is now finished, edited and up on Soundcloud ready to be shared.

I’ve created an instrumental cover of the song ‘Wherever You Will Go‘ by The Calling, performed on acoustic guitar and cello (both played by me.) It’s a song I’ve loved for a very long time and I think it works well as an instrumental, although I’ve rearranged it slightly. Of course, this was recorded at home with fairly basic equipment, but I think an instrumental like the cello is better for not having a glossy studio finish. Then again it’s hard for me to say. When I listen to this I find myself criticising my performance – it’s very hard to be objective.

I was inspired to do this partly by all the discussions our group have had on remix culture, but also by the great cello covers done by artists I admire such as Apocalyptica and Steven Sharp Nelson. Although I’ve always been a classical musician I love what they do and how the music they on the cello tends to transcend pop, rock or classical to just be great music.

This project, as well as being a lot of fun for me, is going to be used in our Social Technologies Module as a spreadable media object, which is quite easy on Soundcloud since it has a stats function much like WordPress. However, I’d like it to go further, so I’m planning to either make a video or, if anyone else in the #mscret group is interested, let them make a video for our ReTechSocial YouTube Channel.

I also posted a partially edited track as a work-in-progress, where you can hear all the wonders of my popping microphone, audio clipped off in it’s prime, and some stunning wrong notes which I was thankfully able to replace. I’m also going to monitor the stats on this, as it also seems to be accumulating views.


4 thoughts on “The Recording Project -Done!

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