Some Quick Thoughts and Upcoming Projects

Following on from this

I have another picture to share with you. No more details, but it may be to do with the upcoming spreadable media project I mentioned in my previous post.

Mysterious Audio being edited in Cubase

Why am I posting/tweeting about this? Really, it’s to force myself to actually get on and do a personal recording project once I’ve started it. If I tell people I’m doing it, I have to get on and finish whether or not the end result is any good, rather than sit on material as I’ve done previously. I’ll do updates on this, though with any luck it shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Other Short Thoughts – Animation Research Project

Our Uncanny Valley Online Survey is going live very soon! The link will be edited in shortly.

UPDATE: Our survey can be found at

Are twitter hashtags taking over the rest of the world? They were created on twitter as a search function, but seem to have recently become a means of expressing shortform thoughts and emotions in other places too. Here is a screenshot from the chat of an online computer game.

Another screenshot, from an iMessage conversation I had two days ago.


2 thoughts on “Some Quick Thoughts and Upcoming Projects

    • 🙂 Yes, it is music. Though the electronics are just my recording and computer gear – I moved my pc and everything else onto the floor downstairs for a few hours because the recording quality was better there than in my room!

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