ReTechSocial so far… a reflective post for this semester

As readers of my blog may or may not be aware, this site was created as part of the module ‘Research in Emerging Technologies‘, specifically the part of the module covering Social Technologies and Social Media. I came to the first lecture not really knowing what to expect.

The first thing we were encouraged to do was to improve our Digital Identity, using sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and others. I certainly feel like my use of Twitter improved my online presence dramatically as I learned to use it. I looked at the twitter followers I was collecting, particularly at those whose interests mirror some of my own, and I have consciously tried to make tweets that will be interesting for these different users, talking about this module with the mscret hashtag, but also tweeting about audio, (#UoSAudio) and experiences with theatre (often under #technique after the Technique workshops at Contact, Manchester which I am currently attending.)

Of course, my blog has been about more than just Social Technologies, but most of my other posts, whether they are on Audio recording, postproduction or animation, have still been very much linked to my work at University. This has given my blog a nice recurring theme which I’ve reflected in the site’s recent new look and title ‘Internet Culture and Audio Attempts’ However I intend to expand my blog slightly to cover some other related aspects, such as my music, or sound in theatre.

The part of this module I have enjoyed talking about most has been a combination of Remix Culture and YouTube Culture, two elements which I believe are quite intimately linked. Over the past few years, I have seen how YouTube and other video sites have grown to host high quality content, supporting independent creators and film makers of every type, and how even low-quality, shorter videos can find a vast audience that appreciates them. According to YouTube’s press page, “72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.” We have become a culture of creators, with both positive and negative aspects arising from that.

While I have enjoyed the whole series of lectures and writing set blog posts, I found it a little less interesting talking about Digital Identity from the point of view of trying to increase and/or protect your online presence. When I first heard ‘Digital Identity’ as an idea, I considered the idea from a different perspective – the issues that can arise from a digital persona, where you don’t use your real name, or you act differently when online than you would elsewhere. This article by Carla Bennett covered some of these aspects and I intend to do some more research on this for a future post.

Much what we have done so far has been closely under our Lecturer’s instructions, of weekend, I set up a group on Diigo for our group. Diigo is a website which can be used to create a list of bookmarked pages, but it can be made a more interactive site through the groups function allowing pooling of group members links, but also discussions and comments on those links. I hope that, between everyone involved in Social Tech, this will become a great resource for the module, and another place to discuss research and issues.

Next week, we will be starting to move on from social media to look at Spreadable media (here is a good explanation of Spreadable media) in more detail from this week onwards, and concentrating on our group YouTube channel, ReTechSocial. Several of us have already uploaded short videos introducing ourselves, and since videos won’t spread by themselves, here is my first proper appearance on YouTube.


As I’m planning to look further at YouTube and Remixing, I’m looking forward to the videos that are going to be uploaded to this channel.


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