Followup to ‘Audio Post-Production Project- First Thoughts’. The Spotting Session

Yesterday my group met to discuss the film clip we had been given for our Audio Postproduction project, and to ‘spot’ the film, to go through it and figure out where the sounds should be going.

Throughout the week some of the people had already done great work with the film clip, putting together a sample audio track of sounds, particularly atmospheric sounds (‘atmos’) and also a cue sheet of points for sound effects.

Spotting Session in progress

One thing we needed to do was put together a list of foley points. Foley is defined by as ‘A sound effects technique for synchronous effects or live effects’ (there are more details in that link). Basically, rather than general sound effects, such as bird sound in a forest scene, it is sounds that are linked up directly to an onscreen action, such as footsteps. To be convincing, these need to be synchronised down to the exact frame, so we needed to go through the film slowly and carefully to find each point. Software such as Protools can record exact timings, but for some parts of the film we made our own list.

Here’s a sample of our cue list Proog slaps Emo’s hands. Emo backwards footstep. arm movements Emo. Proog picks up phone Slams phone down

The timings are written hours:minutes:seconds:frames. The film is running at 25 frames/second.

Once this was done we discussed exactly what props would be needed for each scene – heavy objects, clothes etc. so that we could fix a date for recording these in the studio. We also discussed some sounds that might be harder to come by – one of these I will be discussing in my next post…


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