Some Thoughts on Networks and Connections

Although I try to link my various social media accounts (apart from Facebook – Rob Kelly has a good blog post here about why it’s both good and potentially bad to have one private account), but rather than projecting the same image across all of them, I am representing different parts of myself through them. This is shown by the fact that I have different social networks on each platform. Although all of the below networks are connected I try not to post the same information on every account.

LinkedIn – I haven’t been using this long, but in it I have been trying to creating a wholly professional persona, as the platform demands. I’ve joined some groups and intended to start posting, but… Much like twitter, LinkedIn is a good way to connect to organisations and people you have never met, though I find getting started on there a much more daunting prospect because I am not sure how formal/informal to be yet. Using LikedIn feels like being at a conference or networking event – there are a lot of people you want to impress, and while you don’t want to constantly hang around the edges of a group and just listen, you can’t just barge in and say the first thing that comes into your head. If I do either of those things, people will probably just ignore me, and that is the last thing to I want have happen!

Soundcloud – I would count this as my next most professional persona, as it was essentially created as a portfolio. I don’t use it all that much as a social platform, except to keep up with old friends from my undergraduate course. However, now that I’m about to get my hands on a copy of Cubase 6 (so excited!) I can start updating it, and once I start posting new tracks and becoming active again I will also start favouriting tracks, commenting on them and trying to make some connections – hopefully people will look at my account, see that I have recent work and reciprocate.

Twitter – I regard my twitter account as my social media hub, as it is the one I use the most, and where I am most free with my thoughts. However I am still careful to make my tweets interesting and relevant to the people who follow me and the people I want to follow me. I don’t intend to use it as many people do, to hold lengthy conversations with friends etc, because I worry that I’d be spamming people with useless comments!

I suppose what I am trying to do is balance my different accounts, and make sure that each shows me off well, and isn’t less used than the others, but also each account is used in a way that is appropriate to that particular social media site.


3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Networks and Connections

  1. Good blog Clare. I have been very sceptical about posting any information on these social sites. Before this course, MSc Digital Media, i had a number of social sites that i signed up for. I was not very active, the most I could do was browse through, I think Helen has changed my approach to these sites. I feel a bit secure now I know how to be careful with my Identity. I like how you have sort of made each one the your sites represent a certain entity of yourself. I found that Linked In is very formal and on the other hand Face book is very informal, but having said that, the utmost important issue on Digital Identity remains regardless of how informal a site is.

  2. Great post – you’ve identified the different affordances of each platform, in terms of audience and engagement (and how you want to engage). It’s this kind of reflexivity that’s required when we’re communicating online, as there are subtle nuances in relation to platforms and their inhabitants. I must admit, I have never engaged with LinkedIn although I do have a basic profile and connections – but as far as the ‘networking’ aspect goes, i’m way behind…

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