Audio Post-Production Project- First Thoughts

In this semester, we are doing a project in audio post-production for film as part of the Audio Application module. The clip I’ll be working on (as part of a group of three) will be from an animated film called the Elephants Dream, which I’ve found a website for here. At present I’ve only seen it from video of previous years’ students working on the design.

The film has its own post production, but it is recommended that we don’t watch it like this. That makes sense I guess, since if we were working on a new animation it would have no sound. The only difference will be dialogue replacement, as I was under the impression that dialogue for an animation is recorded before the visuals are created, so that the voices match the mouths moving (an opinion I gained from this video, if I am wrong please do tell me!). What we are doing is more like dubbing the voices, though since we will be using an identical or near identical script it will be much easier than trying to make the visuals fit another language.

From the clips I have seen, the film is of two characters exploring a fantasy-like mechanical world, which provides plenty of opportunities for really innovative sound effects. I’ve worked with machine-like sounds for an electro-acoustic piece I made earlier this year: Generation

The sounds in the above track are entirely synthetic, made by manipulating white noise and sine/square/saw waves in various programmes. To create a realistic soundworld it would be better to use metallic sounds recorded in the real world, but I still think it would be an interesting experiment to use some sounds made in this fashion. The other in my group are keen to use newly created sounds rather than relying on a library and so am I, so I may have to get reacquainted with Linux and Pure Data!

We will be watching the film and ‘spotting it’ (watching it through, and noting down the timing for dialogue and important sound effects, basically building up a plan of action.) I will be writing follow-up posts to this as the project progresses and I learn what goes in to the sound design for a professional film.


2 thoughts on “Audio Post-Production Project- First Thoughts

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